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Who is Mod?

Mod produces highly designed, cost effective shelter and restroom products to local councils, developers, schools and civil/landscaping contractors. Our Vision is to enable people to live outdoors through beautiful, cost effective design. We are achieving this by forging cost effective partnerships with expert designers to deliver the best, most cost effective products available. The team at Mod create great looking, quality products that are pre assembled and built in modules, for ease of installation on site and to drive real cost economies.

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About Us

Despite being a new brand in the market, we have a rich history. Mod is the brainchild of the crew behind Fleetwood Urban. Fleetwood have specifically involved themselves in architecturally significant and structurally complex custom projects. Mod came about when their team realised that there is a space in the market for standard products, such as shelters and restrooms, backed by intelligent design and innovative simplicity. We are delighted to be partnering with exceptional leading architects complemented to achieve this.

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