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“We wish to introduce a new level of innovation and customer interaction into choosing how products feel and look”

- Roger Joyce, Co-Founder of Mod

We provide unique access to the work of award-winning architectural designers at an accessible price point. These designs are flat-packed and incredibly quick and easy to install on site.

We deliver the best products on the market by partnering expert engineers and manufacturers with award winning architects and designers.



With Mod you can create your own modular park shelter or public restroom at a very accessible price point, through a straight-forward internet purchasing/specification experience.

Mod provides local government (by way of pre-accredited contracts such as LGP308.2) with a fast and convenient procurement process for expertly designed picnic shelters and public restrooms.

Mod Families are created by award winning Australian urban architects and manufactured efficiently to provide inexpensive, but gorgeous picnic shelters and public restrooms.


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